The Day My Mom Died

Today is July 5, 2019, 7 years anniversary of Mom’s Death.

I promised Dad that I would keep him at home with Mom until they died. He and I were a team to take care of her when she had dementia and was bed ridden. Finally, the day came when Mom left the physical plane.

There was an amazing story I witnessed that day, both in the deep revelation of the love they had for each other but also of a small peek from heaven.

Most people only saw two old bodies but this day was a final day after 63 years of complete love and devotion. We spend all of our lives trying to collect stuff and gain material success and, even though that is a big part of the enjoyment of life, what is most important is who have we become during this lifetime.

Some people believe in heaven, some people believe in re-incarnation, some people think there is nothing at all. All I can say, is that invisible things exist, like courage, faith, joy, devotion and so many more things. There are realms of light and sound that we cannot see or hear yet they exist.

Even science says that energy is never lost, it is only changed. So, where do ‘we’ go when we leave the body? It may be in a realm we just cannot see and it might be beyond our understanding. But, whatever it is, if we succeed in this life to develop a being that searches for truth and love, then I imagine that is what we will do when we go over there.

I got a peek at that on this final day.

I would like to share that with you so have created an experience at my website. If you would like to know what happened that day then visit this link.

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